Jambalay Recipe Steps


1.  Basic sauce

2.  1/2 a can tomato sauce (not paste or whole tomatoes)

3.  3 pounds oysters

4.  3 cups of rice

5.  Onion tops and parsley, chopped fine (about a handful, mixed together)

Add tomato sauce to basic sauce and cook thoroughly. Add oysters and cook for about 10 minutes after boiling starts. Now add rice, chopped onions tops and parsley. Add enough water to make sure you have two cups of liquid in the pot for each cup of rice. Stir and mix thoroughly until mixture comes to a boil. Cover tightly and lower flame to simmer. Cook for about 25 minutes. Do not remove the lid. Test rice to be sure it’s done thoroughly at the end of the 25 minute cooking period.

Capt Josh Ellender