Gumbo Recipe Steps


1.  Basic Sauce

2.  2-1/2 pounds okra

3.  3 pounds peeled shrimp tails

4.  1 pound crab meat

5.  1 pint oysters

6.  Parsley and onion tops

After cutting in small pieces, cook the okra slowly in a small pot in with two tablespoons of fat until no longer ropy. Stirring often to prevent scorching or browning. Add to basic sauce and continue to cook for not less than 20 minutes. Add shrimp and crab meat after about 10 minutes add the oysters. Add water to make the sauce of a soupy consistency. Cook for about 20 minutes after the mixture has started boiling. About 10 minutes before serving, add a handful of chopped onion tops and parsley. Serve over rice in soup plates.

Capt Josh Ellender