Basic Sauce Recipe Steps


1.  5 Tablespoons fat (vegetable oil or smoked bacon fat)

2.  1 rounded tablespoon flour

3.  2 pounds onions, chopped fine

4.  3 pieces celery, chopped fine

5.  1 medium bell pepper, chopped fine

6.  1 lemon (use grated rind, then remove white pulpy membrane and chop rest of lemon)

7.  3 pods of garlic

8.  A few dashes of each: Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, thyme, McCormick “Season All”

9.  2 bay leaves

10.  Salt to taste

To the fat , add flour and brown, stirring constantly, to make scorchy-tasting roux. Add the onions, fry slowly until well-browned and reduced to pulp. Add the rest of the ingredients at one time and continue to cook slowly for at least 30-45 minutes.

Capt Josh Ellender